March 12, 2024: Chad Zumock Is PAINFULLY Dumb! Donkeylips is Being SHADOWBANNED!? Heather’s BABY!

My how THE TURN tables! Chad Zumock has seemingly worn out his welcome for the third time as a guest on the MLC podcast with Kevin Brennan. Kevin unloads on Chad in a tirade as nonsensical as it was unexpected, referencing everything from crashing his car to wishing Chrissy Mayr’s baby death. When Kevin is done with you, he’s done. Pat Dixon gets caught in the crossfire. Michael Ray Bower aka Donkeylips is depressed about something that may or may not be happening to him. It’s hard to tell when paranoia seems to run his life. Heather Gillespie has had her baby taken away from her, and she has a lot of advice and information for everyone else on how to live while she waits to earn that baby back!

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