March 25, 2024: SHOW CANCELLED! Nobody Wants To Do This! Cancel Your Monday!

Seriously, there isn’t any show. Don’t wait for it. It’s not going to start. Patrick is ill. There is no higher being. We are all floating on a rock through the ether with no purpose or consequences. This is all for nothing. Jkjk but things are off and Patrick is in a funk. Stevie Lew wants to rehash the past and lie again. This guy is addicted to being a victim, and probably doesn’t have anyone’s best interest in mind but his own. Stevie tries to strike a low-blow with some insider info and falls flat on his 6’6″ ass. We find out how important wives are and decide once and for all if anyone cares at all about them. Patrick loves Mersh now and that’s the end of this show. Steel Toe Morning Show was live from Nick the Dick’s house because the Imholtes spent the entire weekend at their home away from home.

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