March 28, 2024: Kevin Brennan GASLIGHTS His Life! An Offer DONKEYLIPS Can’t Refuse!

Early onset Kevin cannot stop lying to his audience, and more importantly himself, about his relationships with people and his career. Resulting to putting down Dave Attell to make himself feel better about the obvious state of his life. Let’s watch Kevin’s latest show and pick apart what the old man is going through, and what the immediate future could hold for the future of Misery Loves Company. Michael Ray Bower is on a run of bad luck. First, his decade-old computer has given up the ghost, and his repeated attempts to talk it in to working and replace it with an even older machine have failed. As if things couldn’t get worse, Donkeylips could have been involved in the kid-touching scandals at Nickelodeon? Perhaps a recent package can turn things around for the once-prolific actor-turned-sad-sack.

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