May 10, 2024: Steel Toe Morning Show Lives In GASLIGHT CITY! PO Box Friday and More Fun!

It’s Friday and it’s been another banger of a week in the Steel Toe universe. Watching Aaron Imholte slowly come to terms with his life partner rejecting his savior-syndrome insanity. April Imholte is wandering the streets with a resume featuring nothing but some valve-painting experience and a giant gap of employment. Perhaps the rehab completion certificate will garner her some sympathy. Jesse PS is apparently very upset at Patrick and trying to inflict some kind of wrath by manufacturing some version of the truth that works for him. Mersh removes a show from Rumble after an embarrassing night of streaming and proclamations about designing some long-game masterplan to teach Aaron a lesson, when is reality it was nothing but an emotional response to Podawful clowning one of his main allies.

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