Melton in the Morning – May 2, 2023

It’s TUESDAY, TUESDAY, gotta get down on Tuesday. Everybody’s waiting for the mid-weed, mid-week! Patrick begins the show discussing yesterday’s controversial show with Kyle Anderson, Patrick wades in to the latest insanity in the MLC versus Chad Zumock universe, not knowing exactly where this conflict is going or why. Bob Levy unloads on Chad after a supposed phone call at the end of Monday’s MLC show where Chad calls in and threaten’s Levy. Was it Chad on the phone, though? Can anyone piece together the timeline and divulge if it was even possible that Chad was behind this call. Is there any chance of deescalating these men and getting them to settle their differences. We also check out Mooby’s girdle and watch his latest insane spin on Steel Toe Morning Show and their prize night.

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