NLO 797: Pretty Rugly

CORNELL REID and SCOTT BOWSER are in studio and Patrick is explaining personal shit to them. We talk about Disney rides and attractions, and about Patrick’s recent exposure to a magical pillow from Big Lots. Patrick has a new rug and wants to kill his girlfriend. Patrick gets some fan mail from a guy meaning to write to Patrick Melton the screenwriter. Patrick tries to talk about the MTv Movie Awards, and how much Russel Brand sucks, and announces a new plan for his feature film The Hunger Gays. We talk about the game guys play when they try to time their flush with the end of their pee stream. A caller calls in to teach Patrick about Gentlemen Scumbags. Cornell invents his own podcast called Gentlemen Nutsacks. We play a story about a guy that overdoses on bath salts. We get a call from Dominos Adrian, and learn that he is black. We have more sessions of theRapy live in studio. Patrick talks about looking at apartments, and invents a new business where you can get a picture of a cat faxed to you every day.


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Episode Guests

Scott Bowser

Scott Bowser

Las Vegas, NV

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