NLO 799: Man of the House

Guess who’s back? MIKE BRIDENSTINE is in the studio and we’re talking about a ton of stuff. They talk about their big feud, tattoos, and Patrick wanting to be more manly. Patrick wants to have a barbecue and perhaps rent a house in Los Angeles. Dunk tanks are the coolest party feature. We do some podcast talk. Patrick teaches Mike what a den is. Graham Elwood’s video is still up and sucking dick. Edinburgh Mike is dying, and still trying to get Patrick booked. Mike is thinking about coming to London. We make fun of a kid who sings on YouTube about getting high. We check in with zombie 911 calls. Some idiot kids eat moose crap. Lots of talk about Beatles things, like the walrus. We learn about a 97yo that got a high school diploma, and an 87yo woman that still bangs dudes on film.


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