NLO LIVE: Ray Can’t Cook, Chad Can’t Win (July 6, 2023)

It’s Thursday, and boy, does it ever feel like it! Let’s keep on pushing to get through this week and just soak up some away-time from the Internet this weekend, ok? Patrick has wired up his cough button, but there’s a hum that’s driving him crazy. Will it cause him to storm out of the room and go back to bed? Find out why an email right before the show has Patrick questioning humanity. And what does Flimsy Greenberg say that hurts Patrick to his core? Find out all of these answers and more on this show. Also, Patrick may or may not be a victim of a Cash app scam by a pastor in Maryland. Ray DeVito may be the most challenged adult in the world, and his recent steak experience shows all his flaws. Chad Zumock makes another bad call and goes on to MLC for one of the most pointless screaming matches to grace a podcast in this dumb war yet.

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