NLO (NOT) LIVE: Bowers Micro Peen, Erik Nagel Stinks, April’s Saucy Breast (June 23, 2023)

Happy Friday! Patrick is on vacation at the beach, but he slaved away for you yesterday pre-recording a whole show so that you chat monkeys would get your fix! Patrick has some quick thoughts about Chad and why he needs to knock it off with the constant cope-lies regarding his numbers. What is is! A listener writes in to tell Patrick that all his problems stem from pork! Micheal Ray Bower is changing up his whole auction process and he walks you through how it might probably maybe work one day. There’s an unearthed video where Bower admits to having a micro-penis and proclaiming he doesn’t care about the consequences. April Imholte has opened her social media accounts with confidence an is showing off what’s left of her family whole also displaying more cleavage in preparation for more simpcasting!

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