November 13, 2023 – Ray Is MORE LOST Than Ever! Keith & The Girl’s NEW GRIFT!

Patrick is recovering from his weekend of birthday nonsense, and maybe now we can get back to normal about it. We may all have a case of the Mondays, but maybe with a little luck we can get through it. Ray DeVito has taken to YouTube to try to clear up any confusion about his roast jokes, but of course it comes across as confusing and defensive as usual. Watch as Ray defends nonsensical jokes that no one has any questions about, and gloss over others that were most definitely lifted. Keith and the Girl, the podcast no one can believe is still going, is back making a cash grab one last time. Their show has a big announcement to make, and it can’t mean anything good. Chemda is leaving, but somehow the show needs to keep going, and only your dollars can make it happen!

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