MEMBERS ONLY: Steel Toe Gets DAD-CUCKED! Set Up Theories! Is Nick Rekieta Gonna Drop The HAMMER?

The lols don't stop just because your work week is done! We go back and catch some things Patrick missed regarding Aaron Imholte and his fake overreaction to the follicle test of Nick Rekieta's child. Isn't it time we try to learn more about Matt, Mooby's simple Eeyore-like chum who shows up some nights to pretend he's still a radio man? Let's take a walk down memory lane to see when Matt stopped having such Savage Thoughts. Michael Ray Bower, aka Donkeylips of Nickelodeon fame, has been cranking out videos that explain why he isn't cranking out videos. Let's see what's happening with one of America's most prolific child-stars that nobody wanted to take advantage of.

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