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NLO 773: Taste the Hate Crime


Hey you! MIKE BRIDENSTINE is here, along with SHOOBY, and we’re talking a lot about racism, hate crimes and this big hullabaloo with Travon Martin, the kid show down in the street in Sanford, FL for walking home with Skittles and tea. Anderson Cooper has nice hair, Geraldo hates hoodies, and Patrick thinks he got killed for his sweet rainbow candy. Brido tells a story about a kid he hated when he was two years old, and Patrick fires back with a story about lending out markers in school and a dick named Ricky. We reminisce about Channel One and KIDS Incorporated, and talk about the upcoming show in NEW YORK CITY!


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Check out the OVERDOSE for today’s aftershow, featuring more fun with Mike Bridenstine and Shooby!



9 Responses to “NLO 773: Taste the Hate Crime”

  1. ¬†Hey Patrick, this episode downloads as a 2MB file that doesn’t play. Tried directly from the NLO site as well as through Google reader. Repost maybe?

  2. Thanks buddy! Looks like it took this time, unless I am an idiot and did something wrong before. I’ll just go fuck myself.

  3. Thanks for what? No one did anything.

  4. Every time i hear a racist show, i like to think of what it would be like if the leader of the Black Panthers was listening.

  5. It always amazes me when people reduce a show like this to “a racist show”. We injected humor into a story because we are a comedy show, but this was a thorough discussion on a pretty serious case and issue in the news right now, and we were taking the side of the black kid who was killed for no reason. This isn’t racist. I don’t know if the comment is just poorly worded or if people really miss the point of the discussion we had.

  6. That was my favorite show in a long time. Both childhood stories were super funny. Wouldn’t mind that being a reoccurring segment every so often. “give me a bucket and some star wars figureens and I’d have a DAY.”. …Fantastic, sirs.

  7. I’m with ya Jared, this show was great. loved the childhood stories and Seinfeld/Obama bit.

  8. Is there a video for this show or am I too retarded to find it?

  9. Great show, nice to hear Shooby back. That Judy fella could learn a lot from him! Unlike him, Shooby doesn’t try to butt in to every conversation and when he does contribute its usually something worth hearing. Come to think of it Judy is like a poor man’s Josh Denny! Very annoying but without any of the funny.

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