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Aftershow 776 – Josh Denny

Josh Denny is sticking around for today’s TWO HOUR aftershow. Ben and Brendan are also here, and Josh clarifies his views on gay (or makes it more confusing), we talk about creepy bounce house places, being creepy on Facebook, and our upcoming trip to London, where Josh is determined to drop some pounds – the money, not the weight. Sean, the NLO hater, emails Patrick again, calling him a piece of shit liar. He calls in and Patrick tries to get him to tell why he is a liar, and he chokes. This is a pretty good one!

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6 Responses to “Aftershow 776 – Josh Denny”

  1. I’m Matt Piasecki…. We met in Houston… sigh…

  2. Overdose rules!! Sean Andrew is a gay!

  3. What the fuck is with that Sean Andrew guy? Fuckin sperg.

  4. Alright, I wanna clarify what I said in the chat about the 500th and 600th subscriber incentive.
    It always irked me when a provider of a service (cell phone, cable, etc…) had big new-customer drives and never offered incentives to loyal customers, those that had been with that company for years.

    Obviously, the OD has only been open a few months, but as someone who signed up from almost the beginning, I feel kind of irked about the incentives Patrick said he was going to offer the 500th and 600th subscribers. I get he wants new subscribers and he should do what he can and wants to get them, but as for existing members, where’s the love?

    Ok, so that probably sounds butthurt as all get-out and I’ll admit: irked=butthurt. I’m not so butthurt that I feel like I need to do anything about like quit the OD or anything and I’m definitely not going to call in and be  a complete asscunt-turned-apologist like Sean Andrew–because that call was awkward as fuck.

    I just wanted to say that much because I left the chat before Patrick read my chat post and called me out on it and I wanted him to know my piece. So, keep doing what you do Pmelt and I’ll stay a member. Just a thought.

  5. Current subscribers will get store dicounts and special opportunities in the future. And they are also what drives me to put up new content all the time. I don’t want anyone to feel slighted – also remember I said I’d be doing something special for the first 500 subscribers, which no one else will get ever. These will be custom membership cards with your name and the number subscriber you were. I certainly do appreciate EVERY subscriber and don’t want to make anyone feel left out.

    It’s not the same as a phone or cable company offering incentives to new customers. It’s a ONE TIME things for ONE lucky, random person. It has nothing to do with offering something better to EVERY new customer during a set period, although I have offered discounted rates on SABC once a year before.

    The bottom line is it was just a fun idea, and since then I’ve said I will not only give $100 store credit to the 500th subscriber, but will also give $100 to a random OD member as well. I just want you guys to know I do appreciate you. Thanks for sharing your opinion and I hope you understand!

  6. Hey! THAT is cool. That’s the first I’ve heard of what the actual 500 ‘special thank you’ things were going to be. Even to know what number subscriber you were is neat. It’s like numbered limited edition DVDs… only… we’re the DVDs?… aaand there’s a good place to stop talking.

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