February 8, 2024: CHAD ZUMOCK’S Delusion Spiral! IMHOLTE Divorce Watch! Bower Has NEW Excuses?

It’s Thursday, but it might as well be Friday! After today’s show, Patrick is packing up and heading to the airport to head to Atlantic City for the rumble at the Borgata! We check in with Aaron and April and it’s going worse than you could ever imagine for the Steel Toe Morning Show. Chad Zumock is flailing around, trying to find his place in the dabbleverse. Why is his show not working? Why is his relationship with Kevin Brennan tenuous at best? Let’s go down memory lane with Chad again to find out whrere it all went wrong. Michael Ray Bower aka Donkeylips is back, but he isn’t walking while talking. We have an amazing PO Box haul! Sit tight, kids!

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