March 18, 2024: KEVIN BRENNAN Tries To Improve His Show! RAY DEVITO Has Had Enough!

Another weekend sails by, and the occupants of the Dabblewhatever are strapped in tight for another tumultuous week turning on each other, faking events, and trying to undermine each other’s enemies. Can you feel it in the air? Kevin Brennan has cast aside everyone in his stable, from Pat Dixon to Ray Devito to Chad Zumock. Some are taking it better than others. Chad is too busy pretending to be a comedian for a couple of weeks to concern himself with the Dabbleverse unitil the end of March, when his calendar once again will be empty, leaving him desperate for the sweet MLC pay drip. Ray Devito seems to be growing some common sense about Kevin Brennan. Kevin takes his show up a notch with some green fabric that he doesn’t need or know how to use.

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