May 13, 2024: Aaron Imholte ANNOUNCES DIVORCE?! Silly Corncob Jesse “Kid” Ever ATTACKS!

The melting mountain meh-scape of Minnesota insulates Aaron Imholte and his untalented slag wife from facts and information, and it shows on the latest iterations of the Steel Toe Morning Show. Aaron Imholte is throwing daily tantrums and cascades of cope about Patrick and the rest of his detractors now, obsessing over Melton and Hackamania and other stuff he wishes he could be involved in. Aaron feels lost without his woman and his mentor Mersh to guide his show. Watch as he continues to tell you how well he is doing, and how he’s miles ahead of any perceived competition. Patrick received a message from a comedian that is very charged and threatening, and maybe we should look in to this internet tough man and draw some conclusions!

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