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Overdose Show 11 (Patrick, Josh Denny)

An ALMOST THREE HOUR secret show just for Overdose members with JOSH DENNY in studio. We order food from a local place on GrubHub, Patrick calls to modify his order and gets attitude, his burger shows up COVERED in onions and he calls back to yell and demand a $700 gift card. A listener wants to know where his shirt is, and we talk about doing a show in London this year. We still can’t get Chat Roulette to work, so not hot man love this show.


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16 Responses to “Overdose Show 11 (Patrick, Josh Denny)”

  1. Patrick, isn’t this the video from Overdose show 10? Silly Billy x

  2. Fixed. Sorry!

  3. Was gonna mention it but I knew it would be changed eventually. Loved it ! By the by Patrick If you are serious about hitting the Shit-hole that is us in the UK why not try sometime in September when the Edinburgh Comedy festival is on. Would be able to get a weeks spot somewhere although I’ve no idea how the bookings work I’ll find out tomorrow and shoot you some info !

  4. Josh is so annoying when he argues about something that he has no blue about. 

  5. Josh is so annoying.

  6. When do they lynch this redheaded cunt?

  7. GrubHub Rap is the best. 

  8. I should probably wait to the end, but all I can think of is Patrick screaming “Swear to me! Swear there won’t be onions!” In a Batman voice.

  9. Y’alls should make a menu wall.  Cut out the middlemens…Cecil.

  10. Donate more ASSHOLES!, we gotta buy patrick a new place to stay, somewhere he doesn’t have to be quiet. You run a radio show, and often broadcast at night, so you gotta be able to make whatever noise you want. I blame myself and the rest of your shitty fans who haven’t bought you a mansion yet. 

  11. I wonder if patrick realizes he gave out the order number on the air, and gave a listener a great opportunity to play a prank on him… I bet the guy that paid for the food called them and did something to change pats order.

  12. This show was fucking awesome. The last 10 minutes of horrifying videos was some of the funniest fucking shit ever. If only Tom Segura could have been there to add on to that shit fest. Great show!

  13. I wonder if they wrote X onions, for no onions, but they saw it as extra onions

  14. Hahaha this show alone was worth the $10.00!!!!   You non OD members are really missing out……….fuck your mothers

  15. Anyone who thinks Patrick shouldn’t be allowed to eat during shows should listen to this and be converted. No food on air = no grub hub = no hilarious phone calls to grub hub. Pmelt rocks and so does the OD, sign up and listen to them munching! 

  16. haha yeah definitely worth it for a good old pmelt prank call

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