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NLO 779: Flappin


KATIE LEVINE and JOSH DENNY are in the studio, and Patrick is making Katie cringe because of all his anger and negativity. But you do it to yourselves, NLO fans. You do it to yourselves. In this show, Patrick has a crazy series of emails and interaction with yet another bonkers fan who is pissed he hasn’t received a shirt he ordered just a week ago. He calls in and emails through the entire show, going on some crazy mood swings like a pregnant lady. We make fun of a Virgin Mobile commercial, and talk about a high school kid who tried to take a porn star to prom. We end with Patrick and Josh talking about the worst comedy club in the world and why it deserves that title. Katie doesn’t enjoy herself at all, but to be fair she is afraid that our fat foot doctor psycho-fan Andrew is going to come after her.


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19 Responses to “NLO 779: Flappin”

  1. Hi, I’m  Barbara Holliday the owner of Flappers Comedy Club and Restaurant.  I am a College Agent for over 14 years and am also the primary Booker of the Club.   I called Patrick yesterday personally, to discuss his concerns with the club.  Unfortunately, Patrick felt the need to use profanity which made it difficult to have a professional conversation.  He did admit that the last time he came into the club, just a few months ago,  for a Montreal Comedy Showcase he was actually treated well.  I encourage any of you reading this to contemplate that this could potentially be a smear campaign by a comedian who seems angry that he isn’t getting booked here.  Even encouraging comedians who haven’t been in the club to write bad things about Flappers.  PLEASE PLEASE  PLEASE Come one come all, comedians and find out for yourself how Flappers treats comedians.  It is our policy to allow comedians to see any shows at no charge, as long as there are available seats.  So come on down and see a show.  We do encourage those comedians and all our guests to order two items (Any Combination of food or drink) to help support the club.  Our mission and goal is to treat comedians with the utmost respect and professionalism and offer as many opportunities to comedians as possible.

  2. This is untrue – I never said I was treated well. I didn’t talk to any employees. I came in, did my set and left. I didn’t interact with anyone there BECAUSE I’ve never been treated well.

    Barbara is saying EXACTLY what I said she would say – that I’m a bitter comic who is mad about not getting booked at that club. I work clubs all over the country, and produce my own shows all over the world. I can assure you I am not bitter about working Flappers.

    Check out the aftershow from Monday, April 10 for more details on this. Barbara STILL refuses to address ONE of my legitimate complaints and would rather give me lectures on profanity. You’re not the moral police. You run a comedy club. How about legitimately addressing my concerns instead of distracting from the real issues of your club?

  3. “We do encourage comics to order two items (any combination of food or drink). Our mission and goal is to treat comedians with the utmost respect and professionalism.”

    This sums up Flappers in a nutshell. Come in and get treated the same a customer.

    You guys don’t get it at all.

  4. “PLEASE PLEASE  PLEASE Come one come all”

    Are you sure Patrick was making it hard for you to have a professional conversation, and it wasn’t just your unprofessionalism?

  5. I’m struggling to understand why 14 years of being a College Agent has much relevance to the complaints that Patrick brought up, along with what appear to be a number of other pieces, easily found using the Google search engine. 

    I don’t even live in America, but I do run a marketing and design company, specialising partly in reputation management. One of the most important things that you should be doing as a business owner when someone is complaining about your business/your employees/your product/your service/etc, is LISTEN. As the old saying goes, we were born with two ears and one mouth and we should use them in proportion.

    So far it seems that all you have done so far is talk, rather than listen to the crux of the issue. What you will find with a customer/user of your product/service, is that if you try and talk over them, you will really struggle to achieve a positive result.

    It would be great to see you have some self-respect for your ability to handle a situation and your ability to manage your own business. So far you have tooted your promotion horn pretty well, but your management of what appear to be perfectly legitimate complaints is rather substandard.

    If you’re booking comedians to come to your venue and pull a crowd, generating ticket and food/drink revenue for your business, it really does beggar belief that you would wish to then charge the comedian for “two items” of food or drink, just to increase your earnings a little. The comedian is there to perform and entertain your crowd, not to line your pockets with their own cash.

    Imagine this scenario…if you don’t act like a beverage nazi and let comedians buy what they want in comfortable surroundings….how many of them might just bring their friends in to share many more than two drinks because they’re having fun?

    Best of luck with your business – I hope you manage to learn something from the criticism you receive rather than just trying to brush it under the carpet. People can see the lumps from far away…

  6. I don’t even know why P. Melt continues to give you good advice. Have you seen this website you’re posting on? The guy has thousands of fans in multiple states — multiple countries, even. People go to comedy clubs to see comedians like the Melts, not just to sit and drink, or they would just go to a bar. Comedians are your business partners. Why would you treat business partners like crap and make them buy two overpriced drinks every time they come into the office?

  7.  If your policy is to treat comedians with respect… then you wouldn’t have come to this website and accuse him of “creating a smear campaign.”

    Comedians and Clubs want the same thing – a good show. Comedians should be treated like employees, NOT customers.

    Your failing to resolve this conflict and coming here to defecate on Patrick’s character shows a real lack of professionalism.

  8. Patrick, please unleash the NLO army.

  9. All those “pleases” sound pretty desperate to me. I’ve seen Patrick all the way across the country in Richmond, VA, and he is nothing but professional. He seemed to get along just fine at the club out here, laughing with the staff, because they were capable of having a good time and weren’t on his case the whole time over money.You must be so far gone to even come here and call this “a smear campaign”. What a laughable excuse for a business owner. The fact that you would even go out of your way to say such a thing publicly is humiliating for yourself and your business. It doesn’t take college-level business classes to have a basic set of moral values. I run my own business and if one of my employees treated a customer like this, I would have their head. What a joke you are. Try listening instead of “flappin” your lips for a change.

  10.  It’s a shame that you’re letting the use of “the F word” completely obscure the real issue here. A comedian (and many more, to be sure) have a real problem with the way you’re running your business and it shows in the fact that you can’t even fill a room to A QUARTER OF ITS FULL CAPACITY yet, instead of putting someone at the helm of marketing — trying to really get people to come in with good acts like Melton, NOT charging outlandish drink prices and having drink minimums, you choose to let an out-of-touch crone, aka yourself, continue to gouge EVERYONE who comes in the door and smokescreen it with remarks like “You’re using profanity, that’s unprofessional” and “You’re just bitter” and “We have over 30 employees, do you expect us to try and tell ALL of them?” which by the way is NEVER an excuse for policy to go unused. (I’ve been in companies that held regular policy meetings with 100+ people at a time and have been at the helm of meetings where I’ve had to speak to that many people about new changes. Believe me, stuff can get done. You obviously don’t care.

    If the status-quo is maintained I truly hope this business flops so someone who cares about the people that ultimately draw in business-the comics-can take it over and make it into what it could be.

    I’ve never said it, but since the original reading of his letter to Flappers last July, I always thought that if Patrick had the revenue and time, he could turn this or any place into a success.

    Learn things.

  11. You can question Patrick’s credibility all you want, but here’s the facts: 
    Over 500 people voluntarily pay each month (despite the show being free) because they love what he is doing. He doesn’t need to be booked at your club and he could afford two drinks at your club if he really wanted to go there. If this was a popularity contest he would win just by having more comments for this one show than the entire Flapper’s site guestbook since 2009 (by an order of magnitude).

    That’s the issue of his credibility dealt with. The only remaining possibility is that he was treated like “poo” at your club just as he says. If that’s the case then you owe him an apology, an investigation into his complaints, some gift vouchers and actually solving the underlying issue. It’s management one-oh-flipping-one…

  12. What I don’t think you seem to understand is that spinning the exact words Patrick chooses, and using an argument that is strictly nitpicking syntax isn’t doing anything to address the core of the issue. The complaints Patrick has are legitimate and just the fact that one person feels this strongly should make you re-evaluated your policies at the very least. You keep bringing up the point that his last experience was not awful, but not awful does not mean treated well. Patrick doesn’t want to smear you he has repeatedly stated he thinks this club could be great, but atmosphere is just as important as your bottom line. And there’s no one better at creating a fun atmosphere then comedians. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE at least take some time to think about the points Patrick has brought up before you feel a need to rebut. You might realize that its valid feedback, if you can get past adult language. 

  13. P.S. Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck

  14. I know its been a month but you run your club like my school runs their Residential Life department, like shit monkeys with their heads cut off. If you only look at the made you’ll end up covered in a pile of shit looking at a shiny penny. I would recommend having someone coming into do an audit of your management style but it would be waste of time. 

  15. Patrick is a comedian and podcaster, so being entertaining, passionate, and honest is his job. And he does a great job at it, so I think he’s being very professional. Your job is to provide comics with at least somewhat decent service, instead of desperately attempting to save your club’s reputation. So that means you’re the unprofessional one here. Instead of making excuses, lying, and questioning Patrick’s authority, the management of Flappers should be trying to remedy their mistakes and make amends.

  16. I’ve sent Barbara two professional emails, linked her to a very professionally written letter outlining my concerns, and she has not responded. She’d would rather call me unprofessional and distract everyone from the issues I’ve pointed out rather than apologizing, acknowledging real complaints, or admitting that their policies are ambiguous and fluid based on who the comedian is. Very unsettling.

    She keeps telling everyone how well they treat comics. Answer my emails, Barbara. You tell me to go to you, and I did, and you ignore me. I have not used profanity nor been unprofessional in my real, off-air discourse with you.

  17. Please, I know you have had 4 shitty times at the club, but why not make it 5?  We might have Roddy Piper coming in a few weeks, aren’t you excited for that? Oh poo sticks.

  18. Nobody has travelled across countries and flown thousands of miles to go to see P. Melton… oh wait YES they have!

    Have people done the same to go visit ‘Frappers’ hummm. maybe someone should listen to what others are saying.

    UK fan (of P. Melts!)

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