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NLO 800 (Full HD Video)

Patrick is joined in the studio by Brian King and Star, talking about their recent drive from Florida to Los Angeles, again, to make the move for the second time. We talk to some fans about how they started listening. Star is quitting the Overdose. We talk to our blind listener in Tampa, Matt, about what he’s up to now, along with many blind jokes. Patrick makes a bunch of whale noises. We talk about our upcoming London trip. Apple has new toys announced today, and Patrick is both excited and upset. Lots of Apple nerd talk. Patrick does ethnic impressions and talks about voodoo. More talk about Patrick moving in to a house in Los Angeles. Patrick calls a listeners girlfriend and dumps her for him, without being asked. We try to call another listener’s stupid dad. We get a call from more fans. Patrick talks about a waiter at lunch that made noises while he served them.


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