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NLO 804 (Full HD Video)

Al Jackson and Brian King are here for an aftershow. We listen to the racist songs Do The Laundry and I Hate Mondays. In the future every one is going to be one color – grey or brown – its debatable. Al zones out when he gets high. Al isn’t proud to admit it but in his early days he would bail off stage if a set wasn’t going well. Real comedians deal with it. Patrick does what he wants. Patrick gets tired of being white sometimes. There is no swagger in the color white. Patrick plays with fire in the studio, and doesn’t want to get screencapped. Brain isn’t a regular weed smoker. Indiana has their own Facebook. Josh Denny is the king of douche. There is nothing cute about an angry lesbian. Being married doesn’t stop girls. A fan has a chicken bone to pick with Al Jackson. Al has love for all the hoes. Patrickgets his daily freestyle in. Nothing wrong with a little mish-mash then spitting in your mouth. There is a difference between average, and black average. If you pull out wrong, girls will shit all over you. Sex with babies in the bed. Al Jackson is bringing back rough and slow style. There is an HIV morning after pill. Patricks wants to send all blacks to Australia. NLO has racial peaks and valleys. Al lives by the hit it and quit it motto.


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