June 19, 2024: THE TEENTH! Did Aaron Imholte DOSE Nick Rekieta’s Kids? New Chilling Accusations!

Patrick has migrated the studio over to a new computer, attacked the problems head on, and is ready to come back live and see what isn’t working. Aaron Imholte has gone full throttle on alighting his few friends about his past, and we are here to shed some light on the truth. Will Aaron Imholte ever be able to let April Anderson go, or is the small-town Minnesota failure of a father destined to waddle in a pity puddle for eternity? Let’s laugh as he lashes out at the latest drip from the Rekieta Law lolcow lollipop. Let’s see who saying what, what makes sense and what doesn’t, and just what everyone’s motives might be. Saddle up, simpletons! It’s time to ride!

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