NLO 770: Laugh

Comedian CORNELL REID is here for this ultra-hilarious show. Also a fan named Tino brings in beer and Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell. They’re great! Student found guilty of hate crime for invasions of privacy of gay roommate, guy behind the KONY 2012 video caught jerking it on to cars like a creep, Patrick talks about watching The Help, Patrick is getting in to True Life, a fan is driving to L.A. from Phoenix, we talk about the upcoming NLO NEW YORK show, Patrick needs advice on what tattoo to get, Patrick versus Joe Rogan, creepy old VW guy, Patrick ate ribs in a hotel room at 2am and used the comforter for a napkin, getting in shape with videos, Patrick calls a Sleep Number bed store about being super obese, and Patrick reenacts texts from a crazy woman.


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