NLO 772: Evolution

A solo show with Patrick, talking about the upcoming big trip to New York City in May, looming big announcements for the show, and much more. Patrick lectures you on how to film video with your phone, checks out a crazy black woman going nuts in a class at FAU in Florida, and contemplates what kind of tattoo he should get. There’s a rumor of a big-time comedian who looks to jerk it on to girls. A stupid girl has no idea what Miles Per Hour means, and spends minutes talking about it and making you feel like the smartest person ever. A woman thinks she sees Jesus in a TV show. These stupid networks and their edgy show names that they can’t even say. There’s a creepy all-black dating site. Patrick talks about the Overdose club and plans for the future, and announces the launch of the RSS feed for Overdose members!


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