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NLO 776: jRobot


JOSH DENNY is back in the studio, and woah, this show gets real. I think we have a real friendship breakthrough therapy session. Also in the studio are fans Ben and Brendan, and Brendan brought Patrick some litter he painted with an NLO logo (it’s actually a cool painted bottle slash incense burner – and yeah, I spelled slash). We’re talking about the biggest lottery in the world, and begging for money for tickets and talking about what we’d do if we won. Patrick is mad at a cleaning company that has no idea what they’re doing. So many tangents and movie references. Patrick used to hijack golf carts, Josh doesn’t know current events, and the fans tells us stuff about what they do. Josh may or may not fuck whores, and he may also be getting a tattoo in New York.


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2 Responses to “NLO 776: jRobot”

  1. I want a Let’s Do This shotglass

  2. I want a “Josh Denny eats out the AIDs infected bloodied anuses of whores” shot glass. Actually it might not fit so make it a mug or pint or something.

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