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AS 805 (Pt. 1) – Al Jackson, Danny Lobell, Fan Radio

This one is long! Part one of an almost SEVEN HOUR aftershow kicks off with Al Jackson, Danny Lobell in the studio with listener Collin. Drinking and partying ensues, Craziness happens. There’s a chick in the studio. Things get weird. Then it transitions in to NLO Fan Radio hosted by Chris from London – chip chip! Someone feel free to more details show notes!


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12 Responses to “AS 805 (Pt. 1) – Al Jackson, Danny Lobell, Fan Radio”

  1. I wonder if any of the fans out there are into cosplay and can make Patrick some custom costumes.

  2. I showed Patrick a picture of my wife and I in steampunk costumes. He did not request one for himself.
    I would prefer if Patrick has nothing more to say, the show just “end with a bang, instead of a wimper”. I feel like some fans call in, daring other fans to “keep it going”, and I need some of that time back in my day for important things, like steampunk cosplay.

  3. Cosplay is role play involving Bill Cosby?

  4. Made it half way through and decided to go cut myself instead.

  5. And that’s enough Chip Chip Chris for a few months.

  6. lets see how much of this i can get through

  7. Around the last hour or so is good stuff.

    You heard me, Factual Vermin.

  8. I think Chip Chip Chris should stick to not fucking female comedians rather than trying to run a fan radio show. At least he’s good at that.

  9. I think you should stick to gargling balls.

    At least you’re good at that.

  10. Good one…Did you come up with that on your own or did you get a team of writers to help you craft that gem of a response?

  11. You sirius bro?


  12. Is there a part 2?

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