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Aftershow 811b – Patrick, Fan Hilarity

Part two of our awesomely funny FOUR HOUR aftershow from today. Patrick is back. Chip chip Chris is drunk. Patrick calls him Chip Chip Piss. Chris orders a pizza. Patrick calls the pizza place in the UK and orders a piss pizza. Singing, laughing, jokes, and a ghetto version of Beauty and the Beast. So much more. Do better show notes!

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2 Responses to “Aftershow 811b – Patrick, Fan Hilarity”

  1. I joined Overdose for the first time just to get the old Tom Segura episodes and my sub lasted through the end of the month.  It was through paypal.  I resubbed for some reason…

  2. To my knowledge, when you sign up for the Overdose, you’re signing up for a Paypal subscription, which is recurring unless you cancel it yourself. If you want to quit, it’s up to you to go to your Paypal account, find when the subscription was originally created and cancel it.

    There might be an easier way, but the way I know is it should be under My Account > History > open the timeline back far enough to bring it up (one month in your case, so it might still be recent) > You can filter only ‘subscriptions’ if you want, but it should be there for you to click the details and cancel it. Don’t file a dispute, instead email patrick(at) if you want to request a refund for the overcharge.

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