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NYC Live Podcast (Audio and HD Video)

This is our LIVE PODCAST from Sidewalk Cafe in New York City on Saturday, May 19, 2012. Guests on the show include Alli Breen, Scott Erick, Cory from High Roller Tattoo, RoBear from New York Ink on TLC, Lily our waitress, fans and so much more. Don’t miss this two hour live show, filmed in HD with multiple cameras. Audio version is also available for those who want to listen. This is the show that happened after our 2+ HOUR standup comedy show, when everyone is super drunk. Enjoy, and thanks for being in the Overdose!


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13 Responses to “NYC Live Podcast (Audio and HD Video)”

  1. Great show. The video quality was fantastic! Would be good to have the guests get a word in though. Denny needs to smoke weed and get some D in his mouth, like it isn’t obvious enough. If he’s “out” by the Sydney show, he’ll never leave! Mardis Gras woo!  Keep em’ coming Patrick, I love you.

  2. I feel like josh denny ruined his chances with the hot waitress when he started his rant on fat women and whores. Learn to filter some o that shit before it hits your mouth and you might get some free pussy

  3. Show got better towards the end when everyone seemed to loosen up. Interrupted again by awkward when josh gets real. I love josh he’s usually really funny (including here) but should to learn to balance that fine line between edgy comedy and hate speech. Overall this was a cool show and a nice side trip from the usual NLO formula. Keep the content coming, everyone loves it, Overdose kicks ass!

  4. I found myself rolling my eyes listening to Josh berate Lily, Corey, and virtually all the other women in the room. Other than that the show was great. The video quality was top notch, and I was really impressed with the audio as well. Can’t wait for the London 2012 video. 

  5. We’re dumb and hate money…. hahahaha, had me in stitches, im the same

  6. We’re dumb and hate money…. hahahaha, had me in stitches, im the same

  7. You can hear Patricks asshole puckering when Ron gets up and walks towards the front. Great show guys, maybe less beer for london x

  8. Hoooooooo I never knew cory was that good lookin

  9. Josh if you have a gluten allergy you could try drinking gluten free beer (most are gross, so yeah) or better yet there is a gluten free cider that is awesome. McKenzies Black Cherry Cider.

    Ron is the shit.

    “The only way I’d fuck a guys is with a girl.” Josh Denny

  10. Awesome show, awkward black guy. Even more awkward and pathetic when Josh started hitting on the waitress hardcore. He obviously has no sense that that isn’t his level…DATE YOUR LEVEL! Stop trying to upgrade, it taint happenin

  11. This is fantastic

  12. Ron is awesome. Good on ya Ron.

  13. Wanna know how I know Josh’s “childhood memory” story about why he got the Mickey D’s tramp stamp is utter bullshit? “I’m Lovin’ It” wasn’t the company’s slogan until 2008.

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