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Aftershow 806 – Cornell Reid

Cornell Reid sits in for an after-show. Does anybody want a hand painted beer bottle incense burner? Was NLO better in the beginning, or now? Vegas casino talk. Carrot top and other Vegas acts that are good. The show notes have issues including randomly capitalized words, double-spacing after periods, and a complete lack of keywords. Patrick tries to redial the hang up caller from the main show. Patrick calls Carl’s Jr. and demands to know who breads their hand breaded chicken tenders. He asks to bread his own tenders. The woman he speaks to doesn’t understand much and hangs up on him. Cory from High Roller Tattoo calls in and growls. Adrian calls in and rags on Domino’s Pizza. Cory bitches about a terrible customer. Patrick proposes Cory start a tattoo podcast called Tattouche. Cory hits on Cornell and makes him take his hat and glasses off. Patrick talks about upcoming guests Ari Shaffir and other show guests. Patrick called Todd Glass a faggot on the show in 2010. Todd Glass and Patrick once planned a fake fight to help launch his new podcast. Todd backed out because he was afraid he would get hurt. Patrick wont stop saying faggot. Cory has a soft spot on her clit for Patrick. Patrick wants Cory to flush her diseased clit down the toilet. Shooby is dead and his hologram is still going to raves and partying on Facebook.


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3 Responses to “Aftershow 806 – Cornell Reid”

  1. Aftershow 805?

  2. Don’t you pay attention to anything! It’s about 6.5 hours long do hasn’t been uploaded yet. Sounds like it will be worth listening to when it is though

  3. Fan radio. Patrick leaves Chip Chip Chris on the line and Chris refuses to hang up. Good fun.

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