NLO 782: Texting Toni

JOSH DENNY is here, with former intern Shooby and fan Max. We’re drinking spirits and celebrating Friday the 13th. Watch out for spooks and killers out there, kids. We talk about Shooby being late, and how his teeth look like they’re escaping from his mouth. We talk about food trucks and Mexicans, as well as shitty bands. More stupid stuff with Flapper’s Comedy Club. We start a new ongoing new Natasha Leggero reference for anything that sucks. Is milk steak a real thing? Max and Shooby aren’t original and repeat each other’s jokes. How would society start over if almost everyone died? A weird British fan calls in. Our mandatory talk about shit continues. Patrick reads an IM conversation from a fat girl with no sense of humor to one of our fans about Patrick and the show. We talk about why Hitler got a bad reputation for killing too many Jews. We get in to Shooby’s phone and read texts from Tony, a girl who manages High Roller Tattoo in New York, where Shooby recently got a tattoo and Patrick will soon be getting his. Shooby texts likes a man-girl. Domino’s Pizza Hero game for iPad is so addictive and it actually makes their pizza look good.


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