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Overdose Show 14 – 5 HOUR SHOW!

Patrick pops on to do an Overdose show and we go for nearly FIVE HOURS! This one is better than the last one where we just played Draw Something for hours. Patrick talks about some awesome new stuff that fans are doing to help. Lukster steps up to help out with NLO videos. Patrick does some show prep for Wednesday (April 11 – show 781). You get to see the behind the scenes stuff. Patrick doesn’t understand IRC chat things. Callers call in to help and co-host, like Moody – our Browser Buddy expert. Josh Denny calls in for a couple hours. Patrick doesn’t have a clue about Twitter followers. We talk more about Flappers Comedy Club and how they are oblivious to what is really going on at their club. Patrick looks back at Flight of the Conchords, and talks about Australia and New Zealand. Patrick talks to a fan about shirt ideas, including an Eastbound and Down inspired Josh Denny creeper shirt. We check in on Hobeiche’s podcast which looks dead. And where is that guy? The Olympics are coming to London. We try to figure out how to make the Facebook page better. Patrick wants Ego and the Maniacs to make us an NLO theme song.


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8 Responses to “Overdose Show 14 – 5 HOUR SHOW!”

  1. These long shows only help to feed my addiction

  2. The problem with FB timeline is the fans actually have to click a thing (see image: to see and interact with the fans posts. And I don’t think there is a setting that shows everything by default, too bad really.

  3. Thanks for this.

  4. Facebook groups might be an alternative. But that is more of a community thing where people interact more.

  5. Is it just me or after 1:03:24 the video stops working?

  6. worked for me Christian. Try it again

  7.  For the first video.

  8. I’ll admit it, I shat a brick when I heard Patrick shout out the Cowbell of Shame twitter. That’d be me. I’m gonna have to give that a second go now, instead of half assing it and leaving it sit there for a week again. =/

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